What is Workplace Diversity   

Diversity relates to gender, age, linguistic and cultural background, disability, religious belief and pregnancy and family responsibilities. Diversity also refers to the many other ways we are different in other respects such as educational background, socio-economic background, personality profile, geographic location, marital status, etc. 

Workplace Diversity Objectives:
  • To use other people’s differences to improve your business
    outcomes and achieve your goals
  • To enhance the opportunities for employees to
    participate and contribute to the works of your department
  • To prevent and eliminate harassment and unlawful
    discrimination in the workplace
  • To ensure that workplace structures, conditions,
    systems and procedures, foster diversity and allow
    employees to manage work and personal life, and
  • To promote awareness of the value of diversity in the

Workplace Diversity is everyone’s responsibility!
We believe the sites listed below offer insights, knowledge and perspectives important to dialogue regarding diversity and inclusiveness.