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The Oakland County Employment Diversity Council exists to help increase awareness regarding the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Through its partnership with Primerica has created customized, unbiased Financial Education and Wellness workshops to assist employers in providing a forum for employers to achieve peace of mind regarding their personal finances.


Employers Workforce Diversity Financial Education Workshops

As employers seek to contain costs and simultaneously provide meaningful new benefits to employees, one area that stands out as a natural in diverse organizations is financial wellness education. For most organizations financial wellness education when accompanied by a Workshop Program promotes financial health for employees. Financial wellness education will clearly fosters a more productive, happier and loyal diverse workforce, with less absenteeism, presenteeism, health concerns, and work conflicts.
Use Financial Wellness Education Workshops to improve Diverse Workforce Effectiveness

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Financially stressed-out workers aren't good for businesses. Yes, employees who bring their money worries tend to be less productive and less engaged, and even raise employer health care costs.

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Top 5 money problems Americans face



Financial Planning Session Attendee - The advisor empowered me to help myself.


Financial Wellness and Education Workshop Attendee - Surprisingly, I found the presentation easy to comprehend and follow. The information is valuable and usable.


Financial Planning Session Attendee The guidance offered was valuable and doable.I am more likely to work on obtainable goals than to attempt something that is overwhelming!


Financial Planning Session Attendee - I found the session to be effective and to meet my needs. I liked that the expert did not have a set agenda but that we discussed my concerns and questions and i was given what i needed to move to the next step. I do feel more confident in my ability to make informed decisions.


Financial Planning Session Attendee - With my tax return I set up an emergency saving account. I would not have done this without my advisor. I would have put that money onto my credit card balance. Scott explained that having some money set aside would hopefully prevent additional credit card balances since I would have some emergency funds. So far, that is true.


Financial Wellness and Education Workshop Attendee - Some people are not very knowledgeable about investing. This is simple enough to help someone less knowledgeable or comfortable with assessing their financial situation.


Financial Wellness and Education Workshop Attendee - I cannot say enough positive about my session. I enjoyed my time and found all information and input extremely helpful. It was just what I needed. Thank you so much.


Financial Wellness and Education Workshop Attendee -This was a very good workshop to get some basics advice related to taxes. The presenter was excellent he really knew what he was speaking about and he kept my attention.




Financial Wellness an Imperative for Healthy Employees

A growing number of companies have discovered that they can build employees' loyalty, increase their productivity and improve their job satisfaction by providing programs that help them achieve financial wellness.

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Reuben Daniel 

Reuben Daniel is presently the CEO and Senior Partner of Daniel & Associates LLc. a Financial Services Agency located in Troy, Michigan. Daniel & Associates LLc. is an independent agency of Primerica Financial Services Headquartered in Duluth, Ga.

Reuben, brings more than 30+ years of Finance and Marketing experience to his current role in the Financial Services industry. He had a very successful career which includes a wealth of experiences:

- 25+ Years with Xerox Corporation as a Director of Channel Marketing, and various National and Senior Regional Marketing and Sales positions. 


Oakland County Employment Diversity Council for Financial Education and Wellness


  1. Testimonials    

Financial Wellness and Education Workshops put on for our employees were a big success. We received a great deal of positive feedback about the usefulness of the information presented and the employees were grateful for the learning experience.”

            Robert J. Calnon, CPA
            CFO, Practice Resources, LLC

The Financial Wellness and Education Workshops were conducted by highly trained and professional educators. I my employees where able to obtain the necessary knowledge to become financially independent through careful planning and money management. I would highly recommend a  Workshop.”

            The Honorable Walter Loin
            Town Justice

“The Financial Wellness and Education Workshop and follow-up support  provided to many of our employees has been invaluable.”

            Christine Russell
            Director of Workforce Development,
            AHRC Nassau County– Regulatory Affairs Department

If you are looking for a step in the right direction to assist your employees the Financial Wellness and Education Workshop is a good place to start. It will help to senior management show what your employees next step should be for good financial footing.

Bob Brooks


Bob Brooks Computer Sales

Auburn Hills, Mi.


This organization has demonstrated a special ability in helping members with financial matters. Our representative is providing the church with the education and training that was long overdue. Our representative was thoroughly professional, compassionate and knowledgeable.”

Robert Hans
            Pastor, New Beginnings Ministry




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